Rising Stars- Eric Ocansey

I’m sure the majority of people reading this are now aware of the Nigerian talent, Henry Onyekuru as he has constantly been in the media eye with speculation of his next move being well documented. The likes of West Ham and Swansea have been rumoured to want the player who was such a star for KAS Eupen and it is more than likely that he will not be there next season. So the club requires someone who can step up to the plate and out do his legacy and that very man is 19-Year-Old Eric Ocansey.


Ocansey has been somewhat of an unsung hero for the Belgium side and because of Oneykuru’s staggering success he has not been getting the credit he fully deserves which is a shame for someone so talented. The Ghanaian had a return of 5 goals and 6 assists in 26 games for the side which is very impressive for such a young winger with raw talent. He has been playing on the right wing for a side which could be regarded as ‘average’ but with him and many other young talents involved the team is elevated to a new level which has been shown on certain occasions.


Like Onyekuru, Eric Ocansey is a product of the ASPIRE academy which is an academy set up by Qatari people in order to find top African talent in the hope they can switch their allegiances to Qatari also in order to improve their national side. While it can be seen as great that they are giving such great opportunities to young African talent like it has with Ocansey it can be seen as a dark way to improve their national teams state. Unfortunately for Ocansey he has not represented Ghana at any level, youth included, which is very surprising considering his age and the season he has had so it must be something to do with his time at ASPIRE academy as Similarly to Henry Onyekuru he has not represented Nigeria at any youth level.


Eric Ocansey is a tremendously talented player who I feel has the potential to take over the role as Talisman for the Belgium side from Onyekuru after his departure. While still only 19-years-old the future is most certainly bright for him and if he can improve on from this season then there is no doubt that by next season he will be next in the media eye with interest from all over Europe and who knows maybe a call up to the national team could be on the cards too we will just have to wait and see for what he manages to bring next season.



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