Awer Mabil- Make Or Break

When young talents make the next step to a bigger club in their careers people never know truly what to expect. Some may get a lucky break and become a regular in the first team to develop even further, some may get a good spell but may not be ready for that level and some may never even get a proper chance and are swept out of the club without being able to prove their worth. For Australian talent, Awer Mabil he potentially could be the latter with minimal appearances for his side FC Midtjylland since making the big move there from Adelaide United has seen some concerns of his potential being wasted. However after an impressive loan spell to fellow Danish side, Esbjerg fB his parent club may think twice about letting him slip through their fingers.


The 21-year-old of South Sudanese descent has been a key player for Esbjerg which saw him play 32 games over the course if the season with a return of 6 goals and 6 assists which for a winger is very impressive. The Australian internationals great form was noticed by the Socceroos and he was selected in the squad. However, he did not get a chance to play which is very unjustified as for a young talent to play so well in a poor side he deserves some credit for it.


Mabil was unfortunately relegated during his time at Esbjerg but many people praised him for his effort and ability during his time there which he showcased to his employers what he can really do. Awer Mabil is still young but he must understand where his future lies if he wants to take his game to the next level as it will be no good for him to be either constantly loaned out or just to be a bench player for Midtjylland as he deserves much better than that.


The winger, who has represented Australia at various youth levels, would be a great purchase for many clubs who require a fast, tricky winger with bags of potential and most importantly wouldnt be too expensive. Whether he gets his chance at Midtjylland next season or he takes his services elsewhere, Awer Mabil can be a top player if given a proper run of games.




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