Matt Sheldon- College Dropout To Pro Player

When we watch world class footballers like Ronaldo and Messi we are mesmerised by what they can do with a football. But we only get to see the finished product and not the countless hours spent on the training ground working and striving to be the best. For St Louis Defender, Matt Sheldon though we have got to witness his journey from rags to riches through his YouTube channel, Become Elite. Now sitting on over 90,000 subs Matt has been inspiring everyone throughout the world with his tutorials, day in the life videos and his training programmes he does on his website where we get to see the life of the average professional footballer.


Matt Sheldon’s story is truly inspiring and shows that if you truly put in the work you will see results. Sheldon left his University one year early because he wanted to chase his dream of being a Pro but unfortunately his potential moves never materialised and Sheldon was stuck with no club when the start of the season was almost upon us. He then made the trip to unfamiliar lands in Iceland to chase the dream but unfortunately his time there was cut short and they decided to not sign him. He then came back to America for some more trials but was cut yet again but this did not stop Matt and it just only made him work harder and want it even more.


After Sheldon was cut yet again this time by Sacramento Republic asked if he could just do anything to help the team and he became a training player for them for free. He did this while playing for a Semi-Professional team around 5 hours away, so he made the long journey around California on most days and you would think he was crazy, right? But he wanted to achieve his dream that badly which is truly remarkable.


His dream chasing eventually ended up in him moving over to Germany and trailing for as many clubs as he could but he kept getting the same answer that the clubs could not sign him. He eventually found TSC Watzenborn-Steinberg who were going to give him a contract and a place to live and this made Sheldon the happiest man alive but unfortunately, he was told the sponsor pulled out so Sheldon was back to square one again. But he continued to work harder and harder on and off the field to improve in the hope that someone will be able to sign him. After being at a very low point in his life there was a light at the end of the tunnel and 6th division side SG Kinzenbach offered him a contract and he finally after so much hard work and being told ‘we can’t sign you’ Sheldon had finally done it however, the hard work continued and while he was over the moon with his new team he had to improve to reach the next level.


After a great spell with SG Kinzenbach, Sheldon would make the trip back to America when USL side, OC Blues contacted him as they were in need of a right back. So, after facing adversity Sheldon finally had the professional contract he had dreamed of for so long. The season with OC Blues was great for Matt as he managed to start all 16 games and lead his side to the play off but unfortunately were knocked out in the second round to Swope Park Rangers 2-1. Now 24, Matt Sheldon is plying his trade with USL side St.Louis FC and due to recent changes in the League system he is now a Division 2 player which is crazy from where he was almost 1 year ago. Sheldon’s story is truly inspiring and one that shows that if you work hard and truly believe in yourself that you can make your dreams a reality just like he did. On and off the pitch he will continue to inspire many through his performances in the USL to his videos on his YouTube Channel: Become Elite.




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