Papu Gomez- The Cult Hero

In a modern day football world where players lack any personality and distance themselves from their fans it is always refreshing to see the few who shine not only on the field but off it too. One of these examples would be Atalanta captain Alejandro Gomez who is on the form of his life right now helping a young side in their quest for a continental league spot. But not only is he grabbing the attentions of many on the field it is his off field antics that are elevating him to a cult hero in the world of Italian football.


Papu is an avid user of the social media outlet Instagram and loves to connect with his fans through it in humours ways. Some examples of this would be of the time he was on a beach with his son and he failed to remember that it was not a real game and two footed his son. Fans of Papu’s loved it to say the least as it racked up over 260,000 views. His cult status is raised even more through his unique and creative captains armbands that he wears. Each arm band is different for every game he plays and it displays different images on it, whether it would be a playstation 1 to showcase his love of computer gaming, to a halloween inspired armband and even going as crazy as having a frozen armband to celebrate his daughters 2nd birthday. It is these kinds of acts that truly showcase Papu’s bright and bubbly personality which the fans love to see.


Gomez, who recently celebrated his 29th birthday, has been arguably one of the leagues most in-form players racking up 9 goals and 7 assists in 24 league games and it is part of his contribution that has seen this young and exciting Atalanta side, managed by Gian Piero Gasperini, reach the heights of Italian football. His great personality and leadership skills make him the perfect captain and it is no surprise that they are doing so well with Gomez at the forefront. Standing in at Just 5″5 you would not be surprised to hear that he is a fantastic technical player with great dribbling ability and crossing from the flanks, once Papu gets the ball there is no way you are getting it back. His ability from the dead ball situation also makes him a big threat. He is also very versatile and he has played in a few positions this season for Atalanta, however his main positions have been on the Left wing or as a second striker.


Papu Gomez is a player who should be given a lot of credit both on and off the field whether it would be on the field for his great leadership skills and all round performance that is seeing his side shine this season, or off the field with his interactions with his fans to make them all remember that footballers are just humans too, no matter how technically gifted they are.



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