5 Reasons Why Serie A Is The Best League In The World

Italian football has been home to some of the greatest players in football history and has seen some of the most tactically advanced sides that leave fans locked to their television screens to make sure they do not miss a single second of it. Unfortunately, in recent years it has hit a spell which has seen it be a mere shadow to its former self. However, Serie A is still one of the most fun and exciting leagues to watch in all of world football and I believe it to be the best in the world. This is a very bold statement and will leave people questioning my opinion but I will give you 5 reasons why it is the best league in the world.


1.Great Football

If you are looking for a place to see fantastic, eye catching football then look no further than the Serie A. Due to its fantastic tactical approach the games are just fast paced and exciting with lots of goals. An example would be the current Napoli side. Maurizio Sarri has got them to play fast, free flowing football that is the most attractive in all of Europe. Even the sides down the lower half of the table play some great fast aesthetically pleasing football. sides like Sassuolo and Cagliari to just name some play classy and elegant football. To put it into perspective, Fiorentina play some of the best football in the league and they are only in 8th position! Just this shows how good the league really is and how much more credit it deserves from fans of other leagues.

AC Milan v Juventus FC - TIM Cup Final

2.Tactically Advanced

Italian football has always been known for its fantastic tactics and it is still the case to this very day. The tactics are so advanced in the league compared to others that it just makes for a wonderfully brilliant visual display. Take Juventus for example who have adapted their formation to a 4-2-3-1 and are taking the league by storm with it. The way every player seems to fit so perfectly into their role and execute the tactic with such elegance and class it makes you wonder how some fans from across the world can see the Serie A as a ‘boring league’.


3.Great Players

Although the Serie A does not have the same calibre of players it did back in the days with the likes of Del Piero, Zidane, Batistuta to name just a few there are still a lot of high quality players plying their trade in the league today who are both young and old. Italian football always seems to produce some truly great young talents and that has and will never stop. We have seen emerging talents in recent years such as Gianluigi Donnarumma burst onto the scene at just 17 years old and put in some fantastic performances to say the least. Also, the likes of Andrea Belotti who is setting the league alight with his great goal scoring abilities. But not only is there great young talent who make the league fantastic to watch but there are some more experienced who seemed to be underrated by those outside of Italy such as Marek Hamsik and Claudio Marchisio who are amongst some of the best midfielders in the world. Italy, who like to pride themselves on producing great talent have showcased just what you get when you give youth a chance in the shape of this Atalanta side who have been taking the league by storm with their young line-up in which seems them sit 5th in the league.


4.Great Fans

Italy is home to some of the best fans in Europe who are so loud they make the home grounds fortresses. The fans put on such great displays that it makes you just stop and take in the atmosphere and truly appreciate how great it all really is. The big sides like Napoli, Roma, inter etc. all have such enthusiastic and passionate fans that is puts the ones in England’s top flight to shame.


5.Great Competition

Now people will start to question this point as the Winners of the Scudetto for the last 5 years have been Juventus but putting that aside and you have a very close contested league that one loss could see you sleep multiple positions. But not by looking at the table can you also see how close these sides really are when they are on the field playing. Sides like Sassuolo who could probably beat most lower half premier league sides are sitting in just 13th. This shows how close and high quality the league is that sides like Sassuolo can play well but still sit so low down in the table.



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