Rising Stars- Mathew Stevens

If you have been keeping up with Barnet’s recent results you would have seen that 18 year old hot prospect Mathew Stevens scored his first league goal from coming off the bench on the 66th minute against AFC Wimbledon. It was a goal that was long overdue as the youngster who has been attracting clubs like Swansea, Manchester United and City was never given the proper gametime he deserved.image

Stevens only other Professional goal was in the FA Trophy against Concord Rangers in 2014 in which he tried a Panenka Penalty a put it away in some style which is very daring for a 16 year old at professional level which not many other players would try. But it just shows how much talent and confidence the young player has. Mathew also has the accolades of being Barnets youngest ever player and goalscorer.image

Mathew, who is a former three Nation champion, has been attracting big name clubs for his tremendous performances for Barnet’s U19 where he has racked up 57 goals in the 2014/15 season. You would have thought that after such a good season he would finally get a long run in the first team as he would be more than capable of scoring goals in League 2 but he was never even considered in Martin Allen’s side even when there is only 1 other good attacking option in the side and that is John Akinde.image

In May 2015 Barnet turned down a huge £250k offer for the prospect after his great season in the youth team.fast forward 8 months and he is wrongly Transfer listed by the club who have already treated him poorly in that time and that kind of treatment can completely destroy a young players confidence but Mathew kept working hard and finally he was given another first team opportunity. He scored on the 87th minute just 21 minutes into his 3rd League game this season but it wasnt enough for his side to beat Wimbledon as they lost 2-1. But putting the result aside it was massive for the youngster who has a massive future in Football.image

After his goal Martin Allen finally decided to give him alot more minutes and he has now gone onto play 5 games for the League 2 side. Mathew’s contract runs out in June of this year after rejecting 2 contract offers from Barnet. Any club looking for the future and want a youngster who knows how to score goals then they would be mad not to look towards trying to sign him. Who knows where he will end up but 1 thing is for certain and that is that he is going to go a long way in his career and he will most likely be playing in the Premier League in years to come.image


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