5 Unique and Crazy Leagues You Should Watch

5. Liga MX

This is a league i enjoy to watch every week because of the sheer entertainment value it brings. It has very close and exciting matches, lots of fights, passionate fans and great football what more can you ask for. Also for the past few years big name stars have come over and played in this league such a Ronaldinho and one of my favourite players of all time Andre Pierre-Gignac who has dominated the league since he joined Tigres. An example i will give you of why the league is so good is the Liga MX final in late 2015. In the first leg of the final Tigres beat UNAM comfortably 3-0 but when it came to the second leg the 2 teams put on a fantastic performance and lead to a shock 4-1 win to UNAM but Tigres managed to win the Liga MX final on Penalties 4-2 but the teams both played a great game and that match will live long in the memory of all those fans who experienced it live or on TV. As a neutral it was one of the best games i have watched.

Not only is it an exciting league it also has a very peculiar league system. The rules are each calendar year is split into two tournaments, the Apertura (Opening) and the Clausura (Closing). In each short tournament a club plays the other 17 clubs once. The home team switches, depending on the current short tournament.
A new champion is crowned for each short tournament through a playoff system consisting of eight teams. The top eight clubs qualify to the playoffs. The clubs are arranged before each round so that the highest seeded team remaining always plays the lowest seed remaining. The clubs play in two legged tie , with one match occurring at each club’s home ground, and whichever club has the better aggregate score advances. If the two clubs are tied after both legs in the quarterfinals and semifinals, the higher seed advances automatically. In the finals, if the two clubs are tied after both legs two 15-minute halves of extra time are added. If the clubs are still tied after extra time the champion is determined by penalty kicks.image

4. Chinese Super League

The Chinese super league is now a very up and coming league due to its vast amounts of money that are attracting big name players such as Jackson Martinez and Ramires which will add great entertainment value to the league with all these great players now joining. But there are also strict rules that do not allow clubs to go overboard in there purchasing of players as they are only allowed to sign 5 foreign players. And also all Chinese Super League clubs are not allowed to buy and foreign goalkeepers so it helps the league improve their homegrown talent while playing alongside some top players.

I would recommend the league to anyone who is looking to watch Unique leagues as this years league will be a great contest between the 16 sides who have made some great signings. So expect alot of goals this season.image
3. Saudi Pro League

This pick is a little biased because of Al-Ittihad but it is actually a decent league if you watch it but it gets a bad impression because people are quick to judge. The defending is shoddy in the league at times but in the league there are great players like Muntari and brilliant Strikers who score goals week in week out like Rivas and Al-Soma. Also the Title Race this season between Al-Hilal, Al-Ahli and Al-Ittihad is electrifying and will go down the to the wire to see who is the best team in Saudi Arabia. Another thing to go with this is the amazing spectical which is the derby between Al-Ahli and Al-Ittihad which is always a treat every time they play apart from this season where Ittihad have lost both times against Al-Ahli due to terrible defending. The Saudi Pro League is definitely one i would recommend especially if you want to watch one of the top 3 teams.image

2. Argentina Premier Division

The Premier Division is another extremely underrated league around the world. Even with the amount of young and top quality talent it has in the league it still gets underrated by fans. The matches in the league are quite fiery especially the Superclasico which is my personal favourite derby due to the great football on the pitch and the amazing fans off the pitch. This years Superclasico got abandoned due to 5 red cards with Violence spreading on and off the pitch which left many fans hospitalised. Put this aside it is a great league with great players like Calleri and Tevez for example and also the rules are quite unique aswell. The season is played with 30 teams. At the end of the season, the team in first place is first division champion. At the end of the season in December 2015, two teams will be relegated to the Primera B Nacional. The winners and runners-up of the first division qualify for the 2016 Copa Libertadores. Additionally, the winner of the 2015 Copa Argentina will earn the Argentina 3 berth to the Copa Libertadores. The teams that place third to sixth in the league table advance to the Liguilla Pre-Libertadores. The winner of this Liguilla will earn the fourth berth to the Copa Libertadores. The teams that place seventh to eighteenth in addition to the losing semifinalists of the Liguilla Pre-Libertadores will advance to the Liguilla Pre-Sudamericana which will determine the six berths for the 2016 Copa Sudamericana.image

1. Linafoot

This is a very biased opinion i wont lie because of my huge love for African football. But the reason i think it is a good and underrated league is due to the talent it has produced and the hidden gems it has in the league. And example would be of Mbwana Samatta who has recently joined Belgium Pro League Side Genk and is a player i admire. But not only has the league been exciting but the side TP Mazembe went onto win the African Champions League this season which is great for Congolese Football. I am not saying this is the most underrated league i am just saying that it is a very good league that deserves abit more credit
Especially with alot of the high scoring games there are in a season and how close both Groupe A, B and C are this season. It is so close that Makiso still have a chance to win Groupe B and they are 6th out of the 8 teams in each Groupimage


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