Omar Bogle: The New Jamie Vardy

imageOmar Bogle is one of the hottest prospects in the Non League right now after he has formed a formidable partnership with Conference National Top Scorer Padraig Amond. The 22 year old has been making a name for himself ever since he came onto the scene with Solihul Moors scoring over 60 goals and earned a move to Grimsby Town and he hasnt looked back since scoring 11 Goals and getting 6 Assistsimage

There is no doubt in my mind that Bogle has not been attracting interest from all clubs in the Football League and deservedly so he is a fantastic player and should 100% be playing for a bigger club and people have now been dubbing him the new Jamie Vardy. Omar Bogle is a brilliant striker if he isn’t Scoring he’s providing for his other players and that alone deserves his transfer to the football League and maybe in the summer he might get that move if his side Grimsby haven’t gained promotion to League 2.


If football league clubs want to pick up a cheap, young and hungry player that will score goals then they will look to this man instead of spending money abroad on unproven talent. But I’m sure when he gets his chance in the big leagues he will make the most of it and Will be “the new Jamie Vardy”.


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