Why Eden Hazard Isnt A “Fraud”


This season Eden Hazard has had a very tough time at Chelsea to say the least. He has not been able to score in any of the 28 Games he has played this season and fans mostly of rival clubs have labled him a “fraud” which I believe is completley untrue.

Some stats to go with this are: he has had 732 successful passes which is more than Sanchez, Sterling, Deulofeu and Lamela. 44 Key Passes which is again more than all the wingers with a successful take on rate of 63.22% which is also higher. 34.78% of his aerial duels won, 872 passes and 55 successful take ons which all of these stats are more than the 4 wingers mentioned. Another Stat to add to this he has a pass accuracy of 84%. With 2 assists so even though he isnt scoring he is still contributing massively to the team. Just because he isnt scoring goals people automatically assume he is a bad player which is completely unjustified


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